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Vita Industrial End of Year 2022

Vita Industrial reflects on the tremendous growth and success achieved in 2022.
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Vita Industrial End of Year 2022


ooking back at 2022, Vita Industrial had a stellar year. From ramping up our production capabilities to delivering Vita Load Navigators to international clients, we’ve made great strides in demonstrating our value to the global community. In addition to projects in the U.S., we also attended trade shows worldwide and conducted live demonstrations in several global cities. Moreover, with the support of Mac Safety, a published white paper predicts that companies integrating Vita Load Navigators can expect significant cost savings on insurance premiums while making construction sites safer at the same time. Here’s a look back at some of the other accomplishments the team made in the past year.

By increasing our production capabilities and manufacturing wing, while simultaneously negotiating through global supply chain issues caused by the pandemic, Vita successfully executed delivery on all ordered Load Navigator units. This resulted in the delivery of Load Navigators across the nation including key states like Texas, New York, Illinois, and Alaska. We now have the infrastructure in place to promote our ground-breaking technology by offering sales and rentals to companies across the world.

The Vita Load Navigator is Deployed for Real-World Projects

First, Vita Industrial was involved in its first crane assembly project this year with tremendous success. This collaboration was with Creative Lifting Services (CLS) in Colorado, where we assisted with the erection of a massive tower crane in downtown Boulder. The project site was located in a busy metro area and had multiple obstacles at play which made assembling the tower crane very difficult. The load navigator helped the crew navigate multiple obstacles and kept the rigging crews out of harm's way. Crane Tech Manager for CLS, Josiah Rausch, said of the load stabilizer “Using the Vita Load Navigator meant we did not have to run through an obstacle course, making it much more efficient and safer for the crew. On jobs where we are working in tight spaces this technology is incredibly helpful.”

Our next real-world application took place in Memphis, Tennessee, working with concrete tilt walls on a large construction site. We teamed up with a crane company and a concrete construction contractor to demonstrate the effectiveness of our Load Navigator when moving large pieces of pre-cast concrete panels. By eliminating swinging loads and allowing workers to place the loads precisely via remote control, the lifts were completed much faster and safer than with traditional methods. Everyone involved with the project was impressed with the effectiveness of the Vita Load Navigator, as well as the reduced time it took to complete the project.

Vita Made a Lasting Impression at Trade Shows and Sent Load Navigators Overseas

2022 was the first year we conducted live demonstrations at numerous events and trade shows all over the U.S. This allowed local construction teams to witness the system's benefits firsthand. Our live demos took place in cities like Boston, Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, and the L.A. Bay area, to name a few.  

In addition to delivering and showcasing Load Navigators within the United States, 2022 also marked the year Vita Industrial crossed the ocean. We expanded our international reach by delivering several units to Japan. By forming strategic partnerships overseas, companies in and around Tokyo were able to see the Load Navigator in action. Our CTO, Derek Sikora, traveled to Japan to help with this landmark deal. He states, “within weeks of exiting the docks in Tokyo, the VLN’s toured around the greater Tokyo area conducting various rigorous case studies & fielding applications.” This is only the beginning of our expansion into the global market.

Besides expanding into the Asian markets, 2022 also saw an extremely successful showing at this year’s bauma convention in Germany. Many international construction companies, operators, and equipment companies expressed interest in deploying the Vita Load Navigator across Europe and other regions of the world. We anticipate seeing more of our systems in Europe and across the world in 2023 because of the relationships formed at bauma.

Vita Welcomed New Employees and Expanded its Industrial Advisory Council

Last but certainly not least, we are humbled by the commitments made by several new team members and high-level executives who joined our advisory board. Our sales team has grown exponentially in size to support the growing demand for the Vita Load Navigator, as well as virtually every other department, from marketing to production, who welcomed new members this past year. Our teams continue to grow, and we expect this to continue in 2023.

We are honored to have such a dedicated industrial advisory council that added three new members in 2022: Scott Wilson, Caleb Rosenberger, and Joseph Maslizek. Scott Wilson is the current VP of Sales and Marketing at CraneWorks. His years of experience have proven invaluable, involving nearly every aspect of the crane industry, from operator to sales and business development. Caleb Rosenberger comes to our team as a crane operator and rigger with Mammoet USA Renewables. Caleb brings years of experience to our team, working in crane operations, rigging, oiling, and driving/hauling within various industries. Caleb works as a trainer and instructor with a strong emphasis on safety procedures. Joseph Maslizek comes to Vita as a former VP of Sales with The Manitowoc Company. Joe has years of experience in the machine industry, with skills in negotiations, budgeting, operations management, and sales. We are proud to welcome these advisors, and their contributions are already impacting how we conduct business. Thank you.

Concluding a Strong 2022, and Looking Ahead to a Bright Future

As 2022 comes to an end, we’re incredibly excited about all the progress we’ve made and all the progress yet to come. Our mission is to save lives and improve safety and efficiencies in how lifting operations are done for the foreseeable future. In addition to the expanded safety features, it doesn’t hurt that the Vita Load Navigator also saves significant amounts of money in lost time, preventing injuries, and increasing efficiency in the lifting industry. Thank you for a great 2022 and we can’t wait to show you what 2023 has in store.

December 28, 2022
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