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Vita Industrial and WOLFFKRAN Ltd Bring Intelligent Lift Control Innovation to Vertikal Days

Vita Industrial and WOLFFKRAN Ltd will showcase the Vita Load Navigator (VLN) at Vertikal Days, demonstrating how it can increase safety, efficiency, precision, and profitability in lifting operations.
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Vita Industrial and WOLFFKRAN Ltd Bring Intelligent Lift Control Innovation to Vertikal Days


ita Industrial is now available in Europe and will be on display in the WOLFFKRAN Ltd booth at Vertikal Days, Europe’s largest lifting equipment event, taking place from 10-11 May, 2023 at the East of England Showground, Peterborough.

  • The emphasis will be on the load control technology and how it can increase worker safety, project efficiency and profitability for lifting operations.
  • The company will highlight its pilot partnership with US-based DPR Construction and how the two companies are turning a century-old analog solution (taglines) into a real-time, intelligent data system.

Throughout Vertikal Days, Vita Industrial will be holding live demonstrations in partnershipwith WOLFFKRAN Ltd and showing the Vita Load Navigator (VLN). The VLN uses a powerful system of sensors and air thrusters to automatically control loads andprevent spinning. The company will show how the VLN can increase safety, efficiency, precision, and profitability.

“Vita Industrial is thrilled to give companies a hands-on experience of the Vita Load Navigator at Europe’s largest lifting equipment show,” said Caleb Carr, chairman and CEO of Vita Inclinata. “Construction companies and equipment suppliers worldwide are quickly learning how load control can dramatically improve their lifting operations. The VLN can speed up construction schedules, improve jobsite safety, and reduce claims. We can’t wait to show off the technology live in Peterborough with our friends from WOLFFKRAN.”

The Vita Load Navigator uses intelligent aviation sensors to detect load position, windspeed, and more than 1,000 other data points per second. High-powered air thrusters dynamically adjust loads within milliseconds with up to 1° accuracy.The unit can be controlled via remote for precision lifting.

Team members from Vita Industrial will be hosting live product experiences and allowing participants to test the VLN themselves at the WOLFFKRAN booth.

Partnership with DPR Construction

At Vertikal Days, Vita Industrial will also highlight its work with DPR Construction, a leading U.S.-based general contractor with projects worldwide. In recent months, DPR and Vita have partnered in a pilot program of Vita’s innovative hardware and software solutions at a California project site.

 “Many of the tools of the construction industry trade haven’t evolved in decades,” said Henning Roedel, DPR’s robotics lead. “DPR looks for opportunities to adapt and use those tools in different ways to foster innovation. We like to work with companies that can think bigger —like Vita Industrial has done here — and bring innovation that improves safety and efficiency in construction sites everywhere.”

DPR has more than 5,000 employees in the skilled trades and a dedicated innovation team that looks for solutions that can contribute to bringing their employees home safely every day — a core value of Vita Industrial.




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Today, approximately 840 dedicated employees around the world ensure that the innovation process continues and that the WOLFF brand stands for a comprehensive range of trolley jib and luffing jib tower cranes. The red WOLFF cranes are manufactured in Heilbronn and Luckau in Germany. Branch offices across Germany and subsidiaries in Austria, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Great Britain, the Czech Republic,Norway, the USA and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the headquarters for international business in Zug guarantee intensive customer care. With a rental fleet of approx. 750 tower cranes WOLFFKRAN is among the major providers in this area of business. This underscores the flexibility and dynamics of the tower crane specialist serving customers worldwide as both manufacturer and service provider.

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May 1, 2023
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