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Not all jobs are the same, but all lifts can be performed safer, faster and more efficiently. If one of our standard models does not meet the lifting requirements of your project, Vita is here to configure a solution for you.
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While we showcase standard Vita Load Navigator models built to support most lifts in most industries, some projects require additional configurations with unique large load solutions. Our technology is modular in nature which means our software and high-powered fans can be tailored to provide versatile, unified load control solutions for even the largest lifts in the most unique environments.

The art that makes this possible is the underlying software algorithm that is characterizing the load's properties in real-time to calculate the exact quantity and duration of torque necessary, delivering dynamic load control with up to 1 degree of precision and accuracy. This powerful solution is controlled by a single person and remote!

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Recently, we built a solution for a customer that had a major challenge of controlling loads with exceptionally high inertial properties (20-40 meters in length) with a consolidated product that would also work for standard everyday crane operations. Our technology offered extended power distribution to deliver over 6,500nm (4800 ft*lbs) of torque.

This customer plans to lift loads over 100 metric tonnes (over 200,000 pounds) and 40 meters long - not only providing complete precision and accuracy, but significantly increasing the safety of workers by eliminating the need for dozens of taglines under the load. Read our case study to learn more about this specific challenge and solution!
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