Monday, November 21, 2022

Trends in Cranes and IoT

IoT is changing the way the construction industry operates. Integrating real-time analytics into existing technology will save lives and money.
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Trends in Cranes and IoT


oT, which stands for the internet of things, isn’t a new concept in the tech industry. However, it's a relatively new concept in cranes and construction. As the job site evolves, smart devices are becoming as ubiquitous as hard hats. 

IoT enables multiple devices to communicate in real-time, allowing for the most up-to-date analytics to be available in seconds. This is helping to make jobs more data-driven while zeroing in on ways to make processes safer and more efficient. Regarding cranes and load navigation, this will undoubtedly save lives and money. 

The goal of these systems is to improve operations for both human operators and autonomous systems, enabling capabilities such as rapid response diagnostics, location tracking, and safety and compliance monitoring. These systems can reduce downtime, increase lifts per day, and make fleet operations more efficient. IoT can evaluate everything from the date, time, and location of each load to the weight and lift time of any given pick. IoT can also notify operators of any other components that may need attention like the motor temperatures, machine faults, and even battery power for external components. This will significantly reduce elements of human error and increase safety procedures by and large. 

At this year's bauma conference, there were a variety of OEM and aftermarket IoT crane products being offered. Some of the more impressive innovations included high-tech sensors and video feeds, providing video streams through an object detection system. These systems give crane operators a 360-degree view of the crane and the construction site via a cockpit display, providing better safety in operation.

As IoT evolves, the next generation of load navigators will continue to incorporate the latest tech to make them even smarter and safer. Vita’s Load Navigator already provides excellent safety features with load stabilization, but Vita is excited to participate in a broad spectrum of innovative technologies. By continuously seeking out the latest industry trends, Vita aims to help operators become better and more efficient with complex loading and unloading procedures.

Vita Industrial aims to have its flagship product, the Vita Load Navigator, become an industry standard within the next few years. With the advancement of load stabilization and onboard IoT, these advancements will change how cranes operate for the foreseeable future. To learn more, visit 

November 21, 2022
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