Monday, November 21, 2022

Load Stabilization Makes a Splash at bauma 2022

Load stabilization technology makes a splash at bauma 2022, promising new safety and operational breakthroughs with several models.
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Load Stabilization Makes a Splash at bauma 2022


auma 2022 has officially come to a close. The 33rd edition of the industry-leading construction conference brought seven days of the latest and greatest offerings from across the globe. This year's conference saw several exciting developments in the construction industry, with one of the most talked about innovations being load stabilization technology. From Vita Industrial, to Roborigger, to Verton; 2022 was the year that load stabilization arrived.  

Load stabilization solutions promise increased control and stability but look under the hood and you will find some key differences. While Roborigger & Verton generate gyroscopic force in an attempt to counteract load inertia, Vita, is the only load stabilization product that uses high-powered magnetic fans to precisely and continually balance loads and prevent spin.  

While load stabilization is a relatively new concept, it's widely believed that these devices will be the industry standard by as early as 2023. Currently, 1 in 5 deaths among U.S. workers can be attributed to the construction industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an average of 44 deaths per year are due to crane-related incidents. More specifically, 25 of those deaths can be attributed to spinning loads alone.

This new tech is changing that. For construction companies implementing these devices, it’s thought that it could save as much as $15 billion per year across the entire industry. Preventing fatalities, injuries, and lost time.

Vita Industrial boasts some impressive safety statistics that are hard to ignore. According to current research, the Vita Load Navigator reduces injuries from spinning loads by as much as 63%. This same research suggests that the Vita Load Navigator can reduce the risk of fatalities by as much as 75%.

Load Stabilization is revolutionizing the way that construction is done. The statistics speak for themselves. With significant harm reduction and increased efficiency on job sites, it’s only a matter of time before load stabilization is not only preferred but required. To learn more, visit 

November 21, 2022
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