Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Creation of Vita Industrial Training Academy provides construction industry with educational resource

Vita is offering a range of courses to the construction industry, including certified training in the safe, effective use of the Vita Load Navigator.
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Creation of Vita Industrial Training Academy provides construction industry with educational resource


ollowing its recently announced Strategic Business Combination with leading vocational training provider NIT Alaska, Vita Industrial has announced plans to extend the range of courses on offer, providing the construction industry with a new and valuable resource for tackling the nationwide shortage of a skilled workforce.

  • Vita’s recent partnership with NIT Alaska has paved the way for a comprehensive offering of online and hands-on training courses covering rigging certification and the use of new lifting technology.
  • The new courses will support the construction industry’s critical need to attract skilled workers.
  • Practical courses will be held in Colorado, with instructors flying in from Alaska.

With statistics from Associated Builders and Contractors predicting the need for an additional 650,000 construction workers in 2022 and a further 590,000 next year — the majority of whom will need to learn new skills quickly — the supplementing of NIT’s varied range of construction courses with specialized crane-related modules from the newly formed Vita Industrial Training Academy (V.I.T.A.) is a timely move.

“With potentially so many new entrants to the industry requiring training, passing on traditional rigging techniques and knowledge plays a critical role in our vision of a truly safe work environment,” said Caleb Carr, chairman and CEO of Vita Inclinata.

“So the creation of V.I.T.A. puts us in the unique position of being able to support the lifting industry’s need for skilled employees while driving its modernization through the provision of a complete construction training program. As part of that, we can demonstrate how the use of our load stabilization technology can control a load more easily and safely than taglines ever could — putting lifting service providers in the ideal position to benefit from a knowledgeable, more innovative workforce.”

V.I.T.A. will begin offering rigging certification and online training in the safe, effective use of its Vita Load Navigator (VLN) stabilization technology as of November 1, 2022. Designed to enhance jobsite safety, the course will consist of the following modules:

  • Introduction to the Vita Load Navigator
  • Mastery of the Vita Load Navigator
  • Introduction to Crane Rigging
  • PRACTICAL: Crane Rigging in Practice w/ Rigging 2-Year Certification
  • PRACTICAL: Advanced Rigging and Signal Person with Rigging 2-Year Certification
  • Rigging Inspection
  • Rigging Theory
  • Energy Isolation
  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • Data Record Management
  • Construction Leadership
  • PRACTICAL: Team Building Class

To reduce the impact on the time and finances of students, all practical courses will be taught at a crane yard near the Vita headquarters in Broomfield, Colorado, with NIT instructors flying in from Alaska.

The new courses will also play a key role in Vita’s mission to become a leading provider of training – in addition to its existing innovative technology and servicing – and gain recognition as a comprehensive partner and a one-stop shop for the lifting industry.

October 11, 2022
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