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Vita Industrial is on a mission to reduce injuries and deaths on sites. We give operators and workers tools to be safer, have more control and work faster.  The Vita Load Navigator protects against the negative effects of wind and allows workers to safely do their job with greater precision. When safety meets precision and efficiency, the result is increased profits.

Why Become A Vita™ Industrial DEaler?

Industry leaders bring game-changing solutions to
market first.
Vita’s suite of cutting-edge technological solutions means that you continue to lead the pack in your market and industry.

How Will You Benefit?

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Increased revenue
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Sales, service, and rental opportunities
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Extended warranty discounts on all units
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Cross-selling opportunities
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Qualify for quarterly SPIFFS / Co-op Funds
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Increased reputational/brand awareness
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Partner Program marketing benefits:
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Marketing campaign & tradeshow support
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Partner announcements
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Custom-branded marketing materials
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Partner Program Sales Support:
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Dealer marketing share pack
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Complimentary VLN Operator training course

What Are The Benefits?

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Demonstrate the Vita Load Navigator on a crane at your site(s) or client's sites.
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Perform demonstrations of the Vita Load Navigator when requested by Vita staff for prospective clients at least
once a month.
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An initial investment of 2 VLNs to join the program to ensure quick availability for client needs (demos, purchases, and rentals)
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Complete required training.

Become a Licensed Vita™ Dealer