Monday, June 3, 2024

Erecting Transmission Towers With Sterling Crane

Discover how Sterling Crane minimized risks, streamlined the construction process, and set a new standard for safety and innovation in the industry by utilizing the Vita Load Navigator to erect transmission towers. For the first time in Canada, towers were controlled and stabilized on a project of this magnitude using the advanced technology.
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Erecting Transmission Towers With Sterling Crane

fter the first lift, the crane operator said: “I’m never doing a lift without this piece of technology ever again.”

Sterling Crane faced a significant challenge while erecting electrical transmission towers to connect a dam to the British Columbia Hydro power grid. They needed to lift enormous 42,000-pound triangular structures in high winds and a congested construction site. The solution? The Vita Load Navigator (VLN). This innovative tool transformed their construction process, providing a safer and more efficient method for handling these massive structures.

Sterling Crane's first encounter with the VLN occurred during a demonstration organized by Cross Country Canada Supplies & Rentals, one of Vita's distributors, in Alberta.

As both corporate and field teams became aware of the product's potential, they decided to give it a try. They were searching for a way to handle awkward structures while maintaining crew safety during the project.

The VLN lifting parts of the transmission tower.

The VLN proved to be a game-changer, ensuring safety and efficiency on site. With 19 crew members working 220 feet above the ground, the VLN allowed precision load control, reducing the need for dangerous taglines.

Sterling Crane branch manager Randy LeRoux said, “We were extremely happy with it, the VLN took a lot of the risk and hazard out of what we were doing. We had 19 men tied off to pieces of metal hanging there waiting for the next piece. Being able to maneuver the load without taglines and with precision ensured that the crew was able to place it without taking their hands off their spot, maintaining 3-point contact. When we returned to the project for the second time, the guys said they wouldn’t do it again unless the VLN were there.”

Despite wind speeds of 25 mph and the inherent difficulty in lifting 42,000-pound loads, the crew managed to streamline the picks and speed up the operation.

“Without the VLN, it would've been extremely difficult to move those towers around; we would’ve used 200 ft. of taglines and a shorter one attached so the guys could’ve grabbed and maneuvered it," said Randy. "Because we had the VLN, it made the operation so much safer and more efficient."

By embracing this cutting-edge technology, the company minimized risks and hazards, demonstrating how innovation can make a world of difference in the construction industry. As demonstrated by Sterling Crane’s experience, the Vita Load Navigator rises to a vast variety of challenges, enhancing safety, efficiency, and peace of mind while transforming the construction landscape and setting a new standard for the industry.

June 3, 2024
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